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Apple is the best phone-producing California-based company and has planned to invest in the electric vehicle industry. The company has started a project named “Project Titan” Project is kept hidden for surprising the people about their auto driving SG5 model. About 1000 employees are working on that project and researching to find the best electric car for Apple. Car is dreamed as the auto-driving car which provides all the facilities of an electric vehicle, and you just need to enter the instructions, and the car will follow given instructions. The purpose of this car’s invention is to manufacture eco-friendly and safe driving vehicles on the roads.

Model SG5 technology and design remained very much in flux; in the start, Apple makes BMW i3 electric car as a model for their electric vehicle. For such purpose, Apple and BMW talks held and make partnership agreements where apple will lead. Apple will provide technology by their mobile experience for auto driving while BMW will play a role to add car best electric and other accessory features. The vehicle is still under discussion and does not come in real shape for sale. Different rumors are surrounding the market about Apple cars but no authentic news about their releasing date. One day, we hope Apple will introduce a self-driving electric vehicle that ensures our safety and keeps our air free from CO2.

Apple Car Review

Apple plans to make its electric car, which will be launched between the years 2023 to 2025. Apple deployed hundreds of employees to work for a self-driving electric car. Apple has planned to make a car with a unique aerodynamic design, with the battery's high performance, with quick charging features. The company has added features for self-driving with added security [...]

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