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Since it launched for the first time, the BMW i3 played the leading role in bringing electric cars into the mainstream. With impressive performance, aluminum construction, creative carbon fiber, and funky looks, BMW showed its buyers that the electric vehicles can only be white goods and can also be make lusted. BMW i3 is still managing and looking forward to bring modern and fashionable models for their customers. With every new model, versatile but better specification appears in electric car models.

The BMW I3 models come with a single gear drawing and a lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 94Ah (33kWh). Its official NEDC lab range up to 186 miles, a car can run with a speed of 93 mph, 170 hp capacity battery with a torque of 184lb-ft. You want the better car to go, but with fewer prices than i3S and sportier i3 are also the right choices. Gets 15lb power hike, black roof swatch, offers 10 mm lower sports suspension, 20mm wider wheels with black arches, and 40 mm wider track. It gives Dynamic traction control, which makes drivers able to drive with controlled drifts and enhances agility. BMW models come with interior leather material manufactured to make them perfect for sitting in for those searching for luxury cars with a modern and fresh design.

BMW iX Review

BMW is known for creating state of the art cars, and the new BMW iX is definitely up there. This is the third electric car from the manufacturer. This time they brought a more normal approach, although it is bigger than the 3 series. The BMW iX is an electric midsize SUV and it manages to bring in great specs. On top of that, the bodywork is very interesting and [...]

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