Here we list all the best electric vehicles in the Philippines. 2021 is the year of electric cars, EVs are the future of transportation. Big automobile companies are now shifting from gasoline to renewable resources. Electric cars are better for the environment, less expensive, and quieter than gasoline vehicles.

Currently, there are 6 available electric cars in the Philippines. On this site, we will help you choose the best EV that suits your needs. We will publish honest electric car reviews, prices, and performance. Below is the list of top electric cars available in the Philippines.

Below is the list of the best electric cars in the Philippines:

Nissan LEAF EV ₱3,290,000
BYD E6 ₱4.20 Million
Hyundai Kona EV ₱2.37 Million
Clima Mobility Genius EV ₱500,000
Jaguar I-Pace ₱7.59 Million
Hyundai Ioniq EV  ₱2.05 Million
NEU Quadro  ₱305,000
Renault Twizy  ₱680,000