Canoo is a California-based new auto manufacturer who introduces seven seated electric vehicles sold in the year 2021. It works on electric vehicle technology and tries to manufacture a big car model suitable for a large family. It seems like a living room more than a car, which promises and smooth and comfortable driving experience even on rough roads when we look at that car. This electric car is built on a skateboard platform, the same as the vehicles from BMW. This specification gives its vehicle flexibility and a better but stylish body style. Canoo promises a very bright future and planning to provide unique, modern, and the best electric cars.

Like the electric vehicle, its microbus has front storage toolboxes, a moving dolly, a loading ramp, a rear jump seat, and several door options. The car promises to run fast speed more than 200 kilometers per hour. Its battery is powerful, which gives coverage for more than 250 kilometers with a full charge. The battery gets more than 80 percent charging within 30 minutes. A powerful 800 kWh motor with 300 hp. The car offers many assistive features that are not available with other electric cars, such as seven cameras, five radars, level 2 autonomy, and 12 ultrasonic sensors.