Hyundai is one of the best automakers of electric cars and invests many years in bringing electric vehicles that are eco-friendly to travel far but emit zero emissions in the air. Their mission is to provide such electric cars that take less time than a phone battery recharge. The company works on bringing the vehicle that feels the power of instant torque. For that purpose, they added large-capacity lithium-ion-based batteries, multiple charging options, and powerful motors for fast acceleration.

They introduced two unique features offering electric car models Kona and IONIQ. Kona is an award-winning electric model with an SUV system. It makes you able to cover up to 300 miles of driving with its powerful 64kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. Like BMW cars, its platform is manufactured with powertrain; it offers exceptional driving features. Kona 204 PS motor makes you get 0-62 mph just in 7 seconds and can charge within one hour. While the IONIQ electric car model offers a 38.8kWh battery and 136 PS motor that can cover 193 miles with full battery recharge. It takes 8 seconds to get 0-62 mph speed; the car offers high aerodynamic performance. The battery takes only 57 minutes to recharge up to 80 percent with a DC charger.