Mazda is a well-known manufacturer of auto vehicles that is japan based. The company does not have prior experience in electric cars, but with time increasing demand for electric cars, the company invest in electric vehicles and brought many exceptional features providing models. They introduced electric vehicles that also can shift on petrol in case of any emergency and have multiple charging options with the fastest motors and large capacity batteries. They invest in modern styles and comfortable interior materials and manufactured perfect cars that make you proud and become the right partner for you.

Its small SUV model that is MX-30 is one of the unique models that is the same as the CX-30 petrol model. It offers you 4 trims in its specifications and a powerful engine that make it fast to cover speed more than 124 kilometres. You have a multiple charging battery with high capacity to provide; with its one full charge, you can cover more than 100 kilometers and is suitable for city drives. You can get this car at lower prices, giving you a warranty cover for three years without any restrictions on mileage. Electric car style is modern and comes with five-door features, which are auto open and close, seats are manufactured with soft and smooth foam that make your journey smooth on rough roads.