Sony is a well-known brand that produces electronic products and has excellent experience to introduce the best high-tech electronic products. But in 2020, Sony surprised everyone by announcing their vision in electric cars. The company has planned not to focus on typical features of a hybrid or electric vehicle, which already combines in most electric vehicles; instead, it gives new visions based on the prototype. You know well-about the touchscreen tabs, phones, and laptops, but Sony announces an animated electric car model, which will offer touch screen operations. Driver and passengers in the vehicle will operate and control the car functions by touching the vehicle’s front screen.

The prototype is a new concept, and we hope it will make the driving experience more comfortable. Its electric car model Vision-S offers 200kWh dual engines, placed on the car’s front and rear side. The car will get 0-62 MPH in just 4 seconds and offer the highest speed of 150 mph. It includes 33 sensors, which enables its drivers to drive autonomously. Many other features, such as comfortable interiors and stylish exterior, will ensure a smooth and sound driving experience in a prototype-based electric car that combines all the features of an electric vehicle but touchscreen driving experience.