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Aptera brings a revolution in the EV industry market and introduces unique never charge a technology-supported electric vehicle. You do not need to plug-in a car with electricity; it can charge on the sun’s light. To enhance its performance, Aptera electric cars are designed like spaceships, with just three wheels and two seats, which offers flexibility to change its exterior color and interiors. Make it compatible with adding safety accessories for the pets and little babies. Aptera’s mission is to produce environment-friendly and energy-saving vehicles.

Aptera modern solar-charged electric vehicle comes at lower prices; even you can set aside your futurist car for only 100 dollars. Aptera electric car can go from 0 to 100 meter in just 3.5 seconds, top speed range of this car is up to 177 kilometers per hour. Solar charged battery with 100kWh battery offers you to cover a considerable distance up to 1609 km with its full charge. You do not need to charge it whenever you park your car in the parking area; its solar panels on the surface of the car recharge the battery, it save enough energy, which makes you able to cover more than 17700 km per year. Aptera working on the feature that cars also charge with sunlight during the drive.

Aptera Paradigm Review

Finding the right electric car that will help you enjoy your time and also visit places at your own leisure is not simple. It requires trial and error, and plenty of time. But once you commit to this idea and focus on results, it can be well worth it. That’s where Aptera comes into play with their Paradigm car. This is a company that tries to focus on one [...]

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Aptera Paradigm Plus Review

When you saw series like the Jetsons, you most likely thought that sometime in the future vehicles will look like that. Apparently Aptera is a fan of that series, because their Aptera Paradigm+ has a lot of inspiration from that show. Of course, there are many other engineering reasons why they went with this type of feature. But it’s still amazing and it does to show the true value and [...]

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