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Bollinger motors one of the famous manufacturers in the electric vehicles industry; its two products B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck are the best products, entirely aluminum made, with all-wheel driving features with countless configurations. Its trucks are the best class 3 trucks electric trucks in the world that do not have any competitor. It takes time to make clean, simple, but durable products to make them feel proud to use. Its trucks have exceptional performance for an off-road drive.

Its modern class3 beautifully designed trucks offer an electric 4- wheel drive SUV, and pickups come with dual-motor support, which creates powerful torque with best in class horsepower. Trucks offer all-wheel driven features, weight is equally distributed on 50/50, with unbeatable traction. Its B1 SUV truck comes in shape like a vintage gasoline-burning off-roader, but it carries all the modern electric features and supports 614 horsepower. Its B2 pickup model looks like the primitive models but puts the old pickup models on notice by its impressive capacity features and versatility designs. Its users find them smooth to drive on-road or off-road experiences, which are best for the cargo works and a real revolution in the electric trucks industry.

Bollinger B2 Review

Now that we are living in 2020 everything is preferred revolutionized. And so are vehicles, one of the most grossing industries under the automobile is the truck industry. And not to mention again over the past years people have started to take interest in the trucks and accessories. Stating the previous production of Bollinger B1, the company launched its ultimate beast. But who does not like upgrading? We all do [...]

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Bollinger B1 Review

Time runs so fast. From classic trucks to modern trucks, all have seen their way through the ultimate appreciation of the truck lovers. Where it be vintage looks or unmatched sustainability of the classic trucks or the high-end power or the latest technology installed modern trucks. Ever wondered what could be the outcome if we combine both of them? Well here is an answer to that question! Bollinger B1 truck [...]

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