Electric Cars are a new market but it is growing fast. The reason behind such growth lies in the many advantages that they can bring to the car owner and the environment. But what are Electric Cars exactly?

Electric vehicles look just like traditional ones except for one tiny detail: they don’t have a tailpipe! They are also very quiet on the road, but this is it? Of course not! Instead of using gasoline or diesel-powered engines, Electric cars run at least partially on electricity. However, not all EVs (Electric vehicles) work the same way. For this reason, we thought of providing you with this short article to show you how they work, and why you should have one.

How do Electric Cars work?

Not all Electric Cars work the same way. You can have:

  • A Plug-in hybrid car. In this case, the car is provided with both a gasoline/diesel engine and an electric motor. The electric motor is powered by a battery that you can charge by plugging in.
  • Battery Electric Cars. These cars rely exclusively on their electric motors. They don’t have any tanks for liquid fuel because they only run on electricity.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars. These cars work by converting hydrogen gas into electricity.

Hybrid Cars (not plug-in) are also provided with an electric motor, but they aren’t considered Electric Vehicles because you can not plug them in.

Plug-in Hybrids and Battery Electric cars are the most common. In both cases, the cars would have a large battery that can store a lot of energy to drive an electric motor that puts the car into motion. They can be charged at home or on public charging stations located around the city.

What are the advantages of driving an Electric Car?

1.) Fuel-saving

Electricity is a lot cheaper than liquid fuels such as gasoline or diesel, that’s why with an Electric Car you can save tons of money on fuel. Your travels, journeys, or errands cost much less when you “drive electric”.

2.) Access to Clean Air Zones

In many cities all around the world, there are Clean Air Zones where conventional vehicles can not access. This can get really annoying sometimes especially when you work in those areas. On the contrary, there are no restrictions on Electric Cars because they don’t contribute to air pollution.

3.) Zero Emission

As we’ve mentioned above, Electric Cars have no tailpipe, therefore they don’t produce exhaust emissions. Electric Cars don’t pollute less than conventional vehicles: they do not pollute at all!

4.) Charge at Home

Instead of having to get gas every once in a while you can simply plug-in your Electric Car at home. It will be like having a full tank every morning!

5.) Reducing noise pollution

Conventional cars and other types of vehicles are one of the main reasons why our towns are so noisy. On the contrary, Electric Cars are incredibly quiet. They are easier to drive too when compared to other types of vehicles because you can use the accelerator directly, without changing gears or anything. Driving Electric Cars is a relaxing experience.

Electric Cars are the sustainable revolution for a better future. If you want to be part of the change, get an Electric Car for your own and enjoy its many advantages!