Toyota has already made all the arrangements to launch its first purely electric car in collaboration with Subaru, the Toyota BZ EV 2022. The Japanese brand had announced the new vehicle for the first time earlier this year, but has now released more details and published a sketch that allows users to get a sneak peek of what this long-awaited model will look like.

So far, it is known to be the size of an SUV from the RAV4 lineup. However, there will be an extension in the wheelbase and a reduction in the front and rear overhangs, compared to its conventionally-powered vehicle.

Battery Life and Performance

Toyota stepped away from its hybrid vehicles a bit to welcome the new BZ-naming vehicles that will be fully electric. In early December, the company showed a teaser for its first EV with possible solid-state batteries, according to the latest details revealed.

The company also said that its new e-TNGA platform will support various flexible parameters, including engines, wheelbases, and others, as it is designed to welcome a wide range of vehicles. It also explained that this allows you to create models with different widths, lengths, wheelbases, and heights.

Besides, it noted that the e-TNGA could be equipped with front or rear wheel drive, and even all-wheel drive for optimized models, in addition to various electric motor and battery capacities. Although there is no very detailed information about the new vehicle, it is expected that the Toyota BZ 2022 will arrive following these new proposals from the Japanese company.

Toyota BZ (Beyond Zero) Price

According to the latest statements by the executive vice president of Toyota Europe, Matt Harrison, the new Toyota BZ model will be priced slightly higher than the RAV4. However, he indicated that customers will be able to make cross purchases.

The RAV4 is available in hybrid or plug-in hybrid power models, and the new BZ will arrive as a zero-emission option. Therefore, there will be two vehicles in a range of crossovers with combined prices and tiered emissions in the company’s portfolio for buyers to choose from. The 2021 Toyota RAV4 prime has an estimated cost of $36,000, which may be a benchmark for the price of the Toyota BZ 2022.


Subaru had already given information about the new e-TNGA electric platform in conjunction with Toyota, and fans of the brand already know many of its details. There is a fact: most of the electric vehicles on the e-TNGA platform are similar, so it is normal to think that the new Beyond Zero model will follow the same formula. However, the company seems to be aiming for the development of a better idea.

The 2022 Toyota BZ will arrive as a zero-emission electric vehicle, but the company is not looking to replace its hybrids. Actually, their goal is to create an alternative that allows customers to cross-shop. Therefore, we will see a powerful vehicle, with new features but not necessarily better than the previous ones.
Its identical design to the latest Subaru model disappointed fans, but there is still a lot to learn about the new 2022 Toyota BZ. The company still has a long way to go, so there are still features that are not yet definitive.