The Volkswagen ID.5 is basically a Volkswagen ID.4 with a more rakish roofline. As a result, the two cars are almost identical front on. That means you get a blanked off nose that’s more aerodynamic than a grille – traditionally needed on cars with radiators – and an LED light strip that runs across the width of the car’s front end. It performs a cool light-up dance every time you lock and unlock the car. The Volkswagen ID.5 has vents that can open when cooling is needed.

The ID.5 is the latest offering from The Volkswagen Group and its ID family of all-electric vehicles. The German automaker has already seen huge success with its ID.3 and ID.4 EVs around the globe and looks to accelerate its electrification strategy across all of its brands.

We covered the teasing of a “near-production” version of its ID.5 GTX this past summer, before the IAA Auto Show in Munich. However, Volkswagen shared more details of the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX this past November, including single RWD and dual motor AWD versions on the automaker’s proprietary MEB platform.

Volkswagen has yet to confirm the exact range or price on any versions of the ID.5, but it should arrive in the UK and EU following pricing news and start sales in early 2022.

Even better, VW hs teased that its ID.Buzz electric Mini Bus would be making an appearance by the end of 2022