Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla is one of the famous names in the electric vehicle industry; it has introduced many perfect electric car models and now working on unique features containing Tesla Semi Truck that will launch in 2021. Electric trucks are not new in the vehicle industry, but Tesla is working on an [...]

December 28, 2020|Categories: Tesla|

Apple Car Review

Apple plans to make its electric car, which will be launched between the years 2023 to 2025. Apple deployed hundreds of employees to work for a self-driving electric car. Apple has planned to make a car with a unique aerodynamic design, with the battery's high performance, with quick charging features. [...]

December 28, 2020|Categories: Apple|

BMW iX Review

BMW is known for creating state of the art cars, and the new BMW iX is definitely up there. This is the third electric car from the manufacturer. This time they brought a more normal approach, although it is bigger than the 3 series. The BMW iX is an electric [...]

December 25, 2020|Categories: BMW|

Tesla Electric Unicycle: The Cyberwheel

When you think about Tesla, the first things that come to mind are innovation, quality and constantly pushing the boundaries. That’s something we saw with the Cybertruck, a very distinct vehicle with creative choices and an entirely new design. Tesla is known for that kind of stuff, and they are [...]

December 21, 2020|Categories: News|

Top 5 Chinese Electric Cars 2021

China automakers are capturing the biggest market of electric vehicles worldwide and meeting their promises well. Chinese companies invest in research and introduce advanced technologically equipped models at lower prices. While we see the market, Tesla is the number one seller in the Chinese market and captures the market's leading [...]

December 21, 2020|Categories: News|
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