Apple plans to make its electric car, which will be launched between the years 2023 to 2025. Apple deployed hundreds of employees to work for a self-driving electric car. Apple has planned to make a car with a unique aerodynamic design, with the battery’s high performance, with quick charging features.
The company has added features for self-driving with added security features against cyber-attacks. The car offers exceptional features with the highest speed range and lots of displays for entertainment and data. The car will be able to control through give instructions on the road. Apple aims to develop a car that helps the environment and ensures safety on the road, driving control through technology.

Battery Life and Performance

Apple is new in the electric car industry, so the company has planned to introduce an electric car that offers unique features than already available cars in the market. A high-quality material battery will be added to store power for a car to cover more than 400 miles with a single complete charging. The battery will give the Car’s energy, which gets the highest speed in just three seconds. According to the company plan battery, you will have multiple charging features; you will be able to charge even with your mobile charger and solar energy.
Its battery will charge quickly, which will have the ability to charge within 50 minutes altogether. With only fifteen minutes charge battery will be charged more than 80 percent in case of emergency. You can take a drive of up to 250 kilometers with 80 percent charging. The Car’s battery will offer to charge features during the drive; you will not need to stop your car from charging.

Apple Car Price

Apple car offers exceptional features which will beat all other cars available in the market and will provide you with all facilities which look impossible with a car. So, for that high standard brand company has planned to introduce a car with price ranges of 55000 dollars.

When seeing the features of the apple electric car, this price is less according to its features. Still, the present best car manufacturer Tesla’s models are available in the same range, so for making room in the market, Apple has planned to set their car price in the range of 55000 dollars in the beginning.


Apple is one of the best mobile technology American based company which introduces many modern mobile models. Nowadays, electric cars’ demand is increasing, so Apple decided to introduce its electric car with self-driving and other exceptional features. The company employed hundreds of employees to complete the project for the last many years. They planned to complete the project between 2023 and 2025. They aim to develop a self-driving car that controls by instructions; this Car will decrease road accidents and be friendly to the environment.

The Car will offer a modern aerodynamic design, better display features, and comfortable interior materials. Its modern features battery will cover long distances than all available electric cars and offer multi-charging features such as charging with electric and solar power sources; even you can charge the car during the drive. The battery will come with fast charging features, which can be charged up to 80 percent in just fifteen minutes.