Tesla is one of the famous names in the electric vehicle industry; it has introduced many perfect electric car models and now working on unique features containing Tesla Semi Truck that will launch in 2021. Electric trucks are not new in the vehicle industry, but Tesla is working on an electric truck with unique features that are not available in still available truck models.

The company claims that their truck comes with a powerful motor and battery features that will make their truck fast, smooth to drive, and compatible with many charging modes. The company also works on adding some auto-driving features for ease of drivers.

Battery Life and Performance

Tesla Semi truck will come with a powerful battery that will have the capacity to store charge to cover more than 800 kilometers with complete charging. It will offer a powerful battery that will provide sufficient power to 80000 pounds weight. Tesla Semi truck will provide you to cover more than 300 miles with only 80 percent charging. With only 30 minutes of charging, you can cover 300 miles. The battery will offer multiple charging features, such as you can activate its fast charging mode when you need to charge it on local stations, and with the slow mode of charging, you can keep your battery mode on normal charging mode.

The battery will be sustainable, and a truck will manufacture with advanced technological features that will save energy; it will consume less than 2 kw/h of energy for covering a one-mile distance. Tesla claims that their truck will save more than 200000 dollars fuel costs with its full drive on roads.

Tesla Semi Truck Price

Tesla Semi Truck is a class 8 semi-truck model that will offer unique features than all other electric trucks, but due to new introduction in the market, Tesla is planning to set a price range same as the other high tech models of trucks in the market.

Tesla is planning to introduce two semi-truck models, which will be in the range of 150000 dollars for medium trucks, and for the large trucks, they are planning to set a base price of 180000 dollars. This price is equal to the best truck performers in the market, but no truck can cover more than 400 kilometers from complete battery charging.


Tesla will introduce a modern class 8 semi-truck model in 2021, which will offer unique features. The truck will have the ability to cover more than 60 miles in one hour and get the 0-60 mph speed in just twenty seconds. The company claims that even on the slop, you will not see a reduction in the truck’s speed than 60 miles per hour. Tesla Semi truck will be the first auto-pilot truck that offers you semi auto-driving features.

The company claims that no truck in the market covers more than 400 kilometers with one complete battery charge, but our Tesla Semi Truck will have the ability to cover more than eight hundred kilometers. But they will set the introductory price according to market level. Powerful battery, semi auto-pilot feature, and reasonable prices can be a good game changer for Tesla, and we hope in 2021, when the truck will launch, it will have all the features that the company is claiming.