Lexus Electric Cars

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Nobody was expecting that Lexus will introduce itself in the EV industry, but for a company that is a pioneer in electrification in the market, Lexus undoubtedly takes a long time to bring its electric vehicle to the market. But at last, they have introduced UX 300e, and they give the first chance to the drivers of the UK to drive on the roads. But they have bought a cheaper car but covers longer distances with small size in practical and performing better than many electric vehicles in the market.

It’s UX 300e offers a single motor that is mounted on the front axle, which produces 300 Nm of torque and has a capacity of 201 hp; its torque is enough to cover 0-62 mph in just 7.5 seconds. Its battery is lithium-ion based with 54.3 kWh, which provides good performance for 196 miles with one complete charge. You will support 50Kw DC charging features, which quickly charge the battery up to 80 percent before an hour. It brings all the kit that you would need. Lexus is continuously working to bring small vehicles with versatile designs that will be the best alternative to Electric hybrid cars.

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