The main issue for most electric car owners is the fact that they have a limited range for their vehicle. What they need is a proper portable electric car charger that they can take with them anywhere they want, this way they can avoid any problems that might arise. And that’s where the need for these 4 portable electric car chargers comes into play. They are great, dependable and get the job done, and the experience you receive is pretty impressive every time. That’s why you want to invest in great car chargers, because they do provide a pretty interesting set of benefits every time.

List of Top Portable Electric Car Chargers

1.) Sparkcharge

Sparkcharge is a great option because it’s the first intelligent, mobile and on-demand EV charging infrastructure. What makes it great is the fact that not only is it very powerful and dependable, it’s quite portable too. The fact that it’s modular makes it incredible interesting, since you can bring in even more power and ensure that your vehicle has all the power it needs. That what makes a product like this stand out, and in the end it’s just an amazing investment. In addition, there are a lot of companies already using this, a testament to the quality and value their provide.

2.) Blinkcharging

Blinkcharging has some great EV charging stations. While they are not as portable as the other options, they do have a very good technology. They provide state of the art charging solutions, so you can always make sure that you don’t end up without any juice. That might not seem like a lot at first, but it will add up to quite a bit as you use the vehicle. The company has solutions for drivers and businesses alike, which is very good.

3.) Teisonev

Teison’s main focus is to offer all kinds of electric charging solutions. They are all about that green living lifestyle, and they have a stellar OCPP green charger. It helps protect the environment, while also offering you fast and dependable charging. They have portable chargers, EV charging stations and pretty much anything you need to charge your vehicle very fast. The charging speeds they provide are second to none, and overall you will find them very friendly and dependable.

4.) Noodoe

Noodoe has a smart charging station that you can have at your home or at your workplace. The thing we like about it is that not only is it portable, but it’s also compact. Its small form factor makes it very good for pretty much any location. It’s also bringing a watertight construction. You can even install it outside and not have to worry about it when it rains.


Overall, there are plenty of portable electric car chargers on the market. We believe these companies stand out of the crowd because they are powerful, reliable and also very easy to use. Just check them out for yourself, and we guarantee you will get the extra power you need very fast. Some of the solutions are very portable, other less so, but you still get an amazing way to charge your vehicle!