The Aptera solar electric three-wheeler weighs just 1,800 lb. (816 kg), using a composite body that the manufacturer describes as being very strong. In one of the latest roof crush strength tests, Aptera’s composite body had the highest strength of any passenger car on the road, as boasted by CEO Chris Anthony.

Aptera is an EV startup with a painted history of trying to bring its solar electric vehicles (SEVs) to market. With three variations of its flagship Aptera SEV in beta phase, the automaker says it remains on pace to begin first deliveries in 2022.

The Aptera SEV currently starts at a price between $26-51k depending on a multitude of customizations, and can currently be reserved with a $100 deposit.

The ultralight bodywork, uber-slick aero, and tires with very low rolling resistance help make the Aptera solar-powered electric car four times more efficient than typical electric sedans, earning about 10 miles per kWh. This makes it hard to conceive of any customers opting for the 100-kWh battery with the solar array, except perhaps those planning marathon drives across vast dark expanses of Nunavut Canada or Siberia. But if that is your jam, be sure to check out Aptera’s camp tent that mounts in the hatch opening and the pet restraint net.