With the G9, the Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng has presented its fourth model after the G3, P7 and P5. Promoted as a “smart SUV flagship”, the station wagon-like electric car is the first Xpeng model designed from the outset for international markets.

XPeng joins NIO and Volkswagen on our list of non-US offerings with its newly announced G9 SUV. The G9 is XPeng Motors’ fourth EV offering and was unveiled at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China this past November.

The new SUV will sit upon XPeng’s new X-EEA 3.0 architecture, a proprietary EV platform that integrates hardware, software, and communications together. The G9 will also be able to receive firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates in as quickly as 30 minutes.

The new XPeng model will use the new-generation XPower 3.0 powertrain system with China’s first 800V mass-production SiC platform. As a result, XPeng claims its G9 SUV will be able to charge up to 200 km (124 mi) of range in five minutes, with a maximum energy efficiency of over 95%.

XPeng is aiming to start G9 production in China in Q3 of 2022.