China automakers are capturing the biggest market of electric vehicles worldwide and meeting their promises well. Chinese companies invest in research and introduce advanced technologically equipped models at lower prices. While we see the market, Tesla is the number one seller in the Chinese market and captures the market’s leading share. But some other best manufacturers also can outsell tesla and introducing classy electric vehicles. Below are the top five electric vehicle manufacturers who can outsell Tesla.

1.) BYD

BYD is the best electric auto manufacturer in China that has global headquarters in most of the countries in the world. The company is founded in 1995 and introducing many exceptional models of cars since its start. BYD has established industrial headquarters in 30 countries and providing high-tech advance electric vehicles. The automaker has played a significant role in the EV industry in promoting electronics, automobile, and rail transit.

It has established six institutes working in auto engineering research, auto intelligence, buses and trucks engineering that works and developing new technology-equipped models in the market.

2.) BAIC

BAIC is the fourth largest EV seller in china and meets its targets even in slows down economy in china in the year 2020. The company has achieved close to its target of 2.35 million sales in the year 2020. The company announces that its revenue has risen 4.3 percent in the year from the previous year. Due to the pandemic, almost all the manufacturer and market sales drop 2 percent, but BAIC succeeded in achieving their target sale more than the previous year.

BAIC has become a significant leader in the EV market, and its models such as EU5 SUV are exceptional features offering models in the market.

3.) SAIC

SAIC is one of China’s biggest automakers, which has made a plan to manufacture more than 100 advanced energy models in collaboration with its partners by the year 2025. The company is working on EV vehicles that come with high-tech plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell features. The company has planned to introduce more than 20 hybrid models and 10 hydrogen fuel-cell models by 2025.

SAIC partners with General Motors and Volkswagen and planned to develop 60 models from their own manufacturing before 2025.


GEELY is fourth in Top five and introduces modern, comfortable, and stylish electric vehicles in the market.
The company has achieved its sales target by 2020, even in the slowdown EV market in China. The company is producing Electric vehicles equipped with powerful batteries that cover more than 500 kilometers with a full charge.

GEELY is the best sedan-selling automaker and established its manufacturing units in many countries globally and planning to do more and increase its repute in the EV market.

5.) NIO

We have selected the NIO, a Shanghai-based automaker, introducing unique electric car models in number five. The company is specialized in manufacturing high-tech electric vehicles in modern and stylish designs. The company is working with the FIA Formula E championship to introduce single-seater racing electric vehicles. Recently NIO launched a 100kWh battery, which makes their cars cover long distances with complete charging.

It has achieved its sales target in the current year, even in the pandemic situation, and further working in large and holistic power systems for a better driving experience with EV.

Final Thoughts

Tesla is one of the biggest EV sellers in china’s market, but the above five automakers are also working fantastically and have high plans for the future. These manufacturers can sell out Tesla; despite unfavorable conditions in 2020, they have maintained their targets and achieved more sales than in 2019.