The interior is the raison d’être of any luxury car. The 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring excels in this regard, too. The Air is a packaging marvel, fitting Mercedes S-Class levels of space into an E-Class-sized package. The seats, front and rear, are supple and comfortable, with plenty of space for four grown adults—or five, in a pinch. The miniaturization of Lucid’s motors is a boon for cargo space, with a large frunk and an even bigger trunk with a false floor that allows you to stash luggage between the car’s framerails.

Truthfully, there are three separate trims of Lucid Motors’ flagship Air sedan slated to arrive in 2022, but we feel the Pure version could be the one to truly boost the luxury EV automaker’s sales numbers.

The top-tier Dream Edition trim of the Air began rolling off assembly lines at Lucid’s AMP-1 facility this past October, and deliveries of the 520 planned vehicles have been underway since. While this $169k marvel kicked off Lucid’s long-anticipated entry into the market, it will be the more affordable trims that follow that can help make it the name to beat in luxury EV sedans.

While consumers should see Grand Touring and Touring trims arrive in 2022, it’s the $77,400 Pure that we’re most excited about. Sure it’s still an expensive EV, but it’s about $90k less than the current Airs on the road. Future Pure drivers can expect 406 miles of estimated range and 480 HP, although it does not include Lucid’s panoramic roof.

The Lucid Air Pure is expect to arrive sometime in 2022.