When you think about Tesla, the first things that come to mind are innovation, quality and constantly pushing the boundaries. That’s something we saw with the Cybertruck, a very distinct vehicle with creative choices and an entirely new design. Tesla is known for that kind of stuff, and they are trying to constantly bring in something new and enticing, which is what makes this such an immersive and unique approach. The company’s uniqueness has definitely enticed people to create something new, and that’s why a lot of inventors and DIYers tried to create products inspired by Tesla’s items.

Who created the Cyberwheel and what is this unique contraption?

The Cyberwheel was designed by an employee at Tesla that’s very distinctive and with a really powerful visual appeal. The interesting thing about this vehicle is that it’s created from the ground up to be very durable, reliable, and easy to use. Wesley, the guy that created the Cyberwheel is very excited to showcase this piece of engineering and show off that unicycles can still be very inventive and creative, while still bringing in a lot of unique, rewarding ideas into the mix.

The great thing about this Cyberwheel is that it uses the concept of a regular unicycle, but it adds up a lot of cool, creative things into the mix. It’s designed from the ground up to be as appealing and exciting as possible, while still pushing the boundaries and bringing in something different.

What are the main Cyberwheel features?

Right from the start, this is quite a massive and interesting project. The main focus here was to add raised pedals because this help enhances the ground clearance. It makes the project great for offroading and handling obstacles. Another cool thing about this is that the frames are made out of ABS sheet plastic and it’s all chemically bonded together. The frame is tough and it does prevent cracking and shattering especially during tough crashes.

Since this is made by a Tesla employee, you can imagine that it’s electric. It has a fast charger and it runs at 84v with an adjustable-charge rate from 1A to 5A, depending on the situation. Not only that, but you will notice that the electronics here are powerful and everything adds up to really deliver the quality and value you would expect. It’s a powerful opportunity and one of those things that end up extremely exciting right from the start.


The Cyberwheel is certainly a very interesting project and one that might even see the light of day as an official product at some point. The truth is that this Cyberwheel idea is already looking like a finished unit, it’s very impressive and it does show that you can bring in lots of great features and electronics into a single, powerful product. You should definitely consider checking it out if you want a unicycle that really pushes the boundaries. It’s a DIY project for now, but we do hope that it will eventually become a Tesla product because it’s a great opportunity!