The first Lotus SUV will be all-electric and arrive later this year. The company says it will be an E-segment SUV (executive SUV) and suggests that a coupe version will follow in 2023. Internally, the first Lotus SUV goes by ‘Lotus Type 132.’ First teasers showed slim L-shaped headlamps as a common design feature to new Lotus family of EVs.

Given its positioning, the Lotus 132 will compete with the Tesla Model X, BMW iX, and Mercedes EQE SUV. As Lotus is a performance brand, the main targets should be potential Model X Plaid, EQE-AMG, and the iX M60. Interested customers can register their interest online on the Lotus Cars website.

Lotus’ upcoming electric vehicle and first-ever SUV is by far the most cryptic vehicle on this list, particularly because we don’t even know its official name yet. Codename “Type 132” has been teased by Lotus through a series of short videos, sharing only glimpses of the SUV at a time.

It was originally announced in a group of four upcoming EVs from Lotus as it looks to go all-electric in 2022. There is certainly a lot more that we don’t know, but here’s what we have gathered thus far. The Type 132 will be a BEV SUV on Lotus’ new lightweight chassis and will feature LIDAR technology and active front grille shutters. Its interior will also be completely unique to previous Lotus vehicles.

Lotus claims the Type 132 SUV will accelerate 0-60 mph in about three seconds and will use the most “advanced 800-volt high-speed EV charging system.” Lastly, the Type 132 will feature battery packs between 92 kWh-120 kWh and can charge to 80% charge in around 20 minutes on an 800V charger.

Type 132 is expected to arrive in Spring of 2022.