When it comes to the drivetrain, the ET5 is slated to be offered with a choice of a 75-kWh battery good for a range of 341 miles, a 100-kWh pack that will offer over 434 miles of range, and a monster 150-kWh battery pack that promises 621 miles, or 1000 kilometers of range. The ET5 will also offer all-wheel-drive, dual-motor versatility with two motors producing a combined 482 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, which will allow for 4.3-second launches from 0 to 62 mph, the automaker says.

The ET5 from NIO is the freshest announced EV on our list, and one of the few that is not planned to enter the US market. It was unveiled in the end of December during its maker’s annual NIO Day event in China.

In 2022, this electric vehicle will join the previously announced ET7 as a second sedan offering from NIO. Tesla in China has a serious competitor on its hand in the ET5, as NIO promises 1,000 km (~621 mi) of (CLTC) range.

Other features include LiDAR technology to support NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD), NIO Aquila Super Sensing, and NIO Adam Super Computing, allowing the new EV to gradually achieve safe autonomous driving in scenarios such as highways, urban areas, parking, and battery swaps.

The ET5 is priced at RMB 328,000 ($51,450) before Chinese subsidies, and RMB 258,000 ($40,468) with BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service). Deliveries are expected to begin in China in September 2022.