Mazda’s first all-electric vehicle is the MX-30 SUV, which sports a stylish exterior and simplistic cabin, but fails to deliver adequate driving range. The sharp exterior design provides a coupe-like roofline and rear-hinged back doors similar to those found on the BMW i3 electric car. The EV Mazda SUV comes with a 30.0-kWh battery pack that’s good for up to 100 miles of driving range; a 143-hp electric motor drives the front wheels and acceleration isn’t nearly as perky as rival EVs such as the Chevrolet Bolt, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, or the Tesla Model 3, all of which offer more than twice the driving range of the Mazda. At first, the MX-30 will be offered for sale only in California before expanding to other states.

How much is the Mazda MX-30?

As you may have noticed by now, this list contains a lot of first-ever EVs from automakers, a big reason why 2022 could very well be the year of the electric vehicle. This trend continues with Japanese automaker Mazda, whose upcoming MX-30 will arrive at a very enticing price, but with some concessions.

When the MX-30 was announced this past April, we learned that it starts at a very reasonable MSRP of $33,470 for the base model and only goes as high as $36,480 for the “Premium Plus” package. Factor in potential federal, state, and local incentives, and drivers might see that price down into the mid-20s.

Unfortunately, that cost still won’t justify the MX-30’s anemic range for some consumers, as its 35.5 kWh battery pack only delivers 100 miles of range. Still, the MX-30 is an anticipated electric vehicle in 2022 because those drivers privy to their daily range needs and tax incentive qualifications could be able to drive off in an adequate vehicle at a significantly lower cost than many of its competitors.

Plus, it’s nice to see a Japanese company delivering electric vehicles. The MX-30 is available now.