Polestar plans to manufacture the Polestar 3 alongside Volvo models at Volvo Cars’ first U.S. plant in Ridgeville, Berkeley County, South Carolina. Currently, the third-gen Volvo S60 rolls out of this facility. The first Polestar SUV will hit the production line at the end of the year. Volvo Cars is a large shareholder in Polestar, and so, the latter benefits from its technologies, and the financial and industrial synergies.

The company has not released full details on the Polestar 3, but it’s likely to be a good chunk more than the Polestar 2, which starts at $45,900 for the long-range, single motor option.

The company has positioned the Polestar 3 as an all-electric competitor to the Porsche Cayenne SUV, which itself starts around $70,000.

While the ET5 was one of the newest EVs to debut on the list, the Polestar 3 remains one of the most mysterious. As you can see from the photo above, the only image released by the Volvo Group subsidiary is still donning camo.

This past summer, Polestar revealed it was working on its third EV, an SUV that would be built and sold specifically for the US market (we love our SUVs, right?) We know the Polestar 3 will debut on a new generation of EV architecture designed from the floor up by Volvo Cars Group and will be built around aerodynamic electric performance.

Furthermore, consumers can also expect high-end, safety-focused autonomous driving features on their Polestar 3. We recently caught our first glimpse of the Polestar 3 during the automaker’s reveal of its Polestar 5 sports coupe, formerly known as the Precept concept.

Unfortunately, no other specs have been shared at this time but will be revealed at a later date. The Polestar 3 is expected to enter production sometime in 2022.