As Mercedes is preparing to launch 10 electric models in the market next year, the EQA Electric SUV will be the smallest model. Its design will be based on the GLA model crossover: the EQA will have similar dimensions and shape, but it’ll have a smoother and therefore more futuristic look. The interiors are expected to be similar to the GLA’s: spacious and featuring top-hand materials and the latest in-car techs. The in-car techs will most likely include Mercedes’ voice activation system (MBUX), a double display, and a touchscreen.

The EQA will be a compact SUV model, equipped with the last techs and – of course – with an electric motor. Let’s see Mercedes EQA’s performance features in detail.

Battery Life and Performance

The Mercedes-Benz EQA Electric SUV will come in more than one variant. We will most likely see a front-wheel-drive version (with the single motor mounted upfront) and a four-wheel-drive version with a double motor (one on each axle).

The average esteemed mile-range for the EQA is around 250 miles. Although there are expensive models (even Mercedes’ ones) that can drive for almost twice the distance, this is an excellent improvement that electric cars technology has made in the last years. It makes this Mercedes Electric SUV suitable not only for city errands but also for longer journeys. The battery compartment will have a capacity of 60 kWh and, with a wall box designed for fast-charging – you can have a mileage of 60 miles with a ten-minute charge.

The double-motor version will provide a compressive power of 200 kW – which is a lot! – and with the in-car panels, the driver will be able to choose between at least two driving modes. To give an idea of how powerful the EQA is we can share this data: the EQA electric SUV should be able to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in around 5 seconds!

Mercedes-Benz EQA Electric SUV Price

We have a certain reveal date for the Mercedes EQA Electric SUV: January 20, 2021. On that day, we’ll know for certain any single detail of the car. The launch in the market is instead planned before 2022 but we don’t have a precise date. The price is estimated to be more than $40,000 which puts the Mercedes EQA in direct competition with the Volkswagen ID.3 that also has a similar mileage. The price would certainly increase if opting for a bigger battery pack which would also provide some extra power.

Final Verdict

Just like its competitor VW ID.3, the Mercedes-Benz EQA Electric SUV is an all-electric family car that comes at an affordable price, that’s suitable for the city and longer journey as well, and that’s spacious, agile, and easy to drive. The quick charge, also, makes it ideal for any use or habits. The greatest issue of electric cars seems to be completely overcome with these models and others of the Mercedes EQ Electric series!