Hydrogen vehicles are becoming more and more powerful and important for our society, and it seems we now have a truck based only on hydrogen fuel. Yes, the Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell is heading to Europe for commercial use right now, and it seems to be one of the top vehicles on the market. It’s also the first truck that will be roaming the streets commercially while using only hydrogen.

Right now, Hyundai Motor is focused on shipping the first 10 units for the Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell. They are going to Switzerland, and apparently that’s only the first batch. The total units for this year will be 50 trucks. However, the company wants to deliver 1600 units until 2025, so the production is certainly ramping up.

But what makes the Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell special? For starters, this is the only hydrogen fueled truck on the market. It arrives with a 190 kW hydrogen cell fuel system. It can cover 400 km without a single charge, so it can go even on longer trips without a problem.

Aside from this, Hyundai is also focused on creating a long distance tractor unit that will travel 100 km on a single charge. That’s in the works and it will come soon, which is exciting in its own right. We can expect a lot of interesting things to come from this, but in the end it’s all about trying to push the boundaries and reaching some amazing benefits and great potential in the long run.

The fact that they are focusing on a green way to transport things is amazing. The Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell is all about protecting the environment, and it certainly pushes the boundaries when it comes to their amazing features and unique perspectives. That’s the thing that you will like the most, and in the end it’s one of the coolest things and ideas for you to explore at this time. It’s definitely interesting how it all comes together and the true benefits that you can get from this.

By using the hydrogen power, the company is definitely bringing in a great new perspective when it comes to protecting the environment. And yes, they do have a steady demand for hydrogen fuel. They are producing industrial hydrogen, which means Hydrospider is bringing in a powerful supply. Everything adds up together to deliver a very impressive and unique perspective.

There’s no denying that the hydrogen truck is an extraordinary invention and one that will become the norm in many places all over the world. There’s still a whole lot to invest and invent here, but the potential is surely there, and that’s what makes this an amazing approach. Having a hydrogen truck that comes with a much better range than electric vehicles is amazing, and it definitely helps truckers and transportation companies all over the world. Plus, the company is focused on bringing an even better range, so that’s even more exciting for the next few years!