When you saw series like the Jetsons, you most likely thought that sometime in the future vehicles will look like that. Apparently Aptera is a fan of that series, because their Aptera Paradigm+ has a lot of inspiration from that show. Of course, there are many other engineering reasons why they went with this type of feature. But it’s still amazing and it does to show the true value and quality they are bringing to the table. Aptera might be a new startup, but they do have a lot of ambitions. One of them is to surpass the range that other EVs are able to bring now, and apparently they are doing things right in many ways.

Battery Life and Performance

Let’s go straight to the point here. The Aptera Paradigm+ can travel up to 45 miles a day and it can go 11000 per year only from solar energy. The truth is that solar panels are smartly added here and they do empower the car quite a bit. So even if you get to charge the car itself, you still get quite a lot of power from the sun alone. That’s great, and it allows the 2-seater to access a lot of personality and plenty of amazing value.

One thing to keep in mind is that the vehicle itself has wheel mounted electric motors. You can get power from the sun, but you can also charge them from the 110-volt outlets. This is a great advantage, because you don’t have to worry about having a specialized charging station at home, since it helps quite a bit.

When it comes to the range, the Aptera Paradigm+ has a 100 kWh battery that gives you up to 1000 miles on a single charge. With that in mind, the standard version only has a charge for 400 miles. That means opting for the Aptera Paradigm+ is actually better, especially if you want the longer range.

Aptera Paradigm+ price

The Aptera Paradigm+ is on the upper scale when it comes to pricing. Since it’s bringing you a better, much better range, you will end up paying $46000 for it. When compared to the $25900 and onward for the standard model, there’s quite the difference. It’s still amazing to see the Aptera Paradigm+ standing out and bringing in a unique perspective towards EVs. It’s a unique vehicle for sure, and one that everyone will love just because it’s so different and exciting to use.

That being said, Aptera Paradigm+ does have a very specific design and some might not like it. But if you are more of an eco-friendly person and you appreciate a 3-wheeler, then this might be right up your alley. It’s a very interesting vehicle for sure, and one that a lot of people will get used to.

Should you get the Aptera Paradigm+?

The price is a bit high for some people, however it’s great to see that you can get so much range from an electric vehicle. The fact that it’s solar powered is amazing in its own right, and that’s the thing that really makes it so impressive in the first place. Yes, it does take a little bit to get used to it, but overall we found this to be incredibly interesting, and certainly worth it when it comes this year!