A faster and more efficient vehicle but much less expensive? That’s what the Ford F-150 EV promises to be. Although the manufacturer announced that this electric pickup is still about two years away from sales, it has already started promoting it as an updated and more powerful version of one of its best-selling vehicles that will cost half as much to operate as its current stablemates that work with gas.

This truck is expected to be a great success. The Ford F-150 EV will not use gas and oil, operate at low electric power charge rates, and imply lower maintenance costs. Besides, it will have a “giant front” for much greater storage.

Battery Life and Performance

The Ford F-150 EV will feature a new PowerBoost hybrid engine that includes the Pro Power Onboard feature. PowerBoost gets the Explorer Hybrid’s electric motor and drivetrain and 1.5 kWh battery that pairs seamlessly with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine on this incredible truck. But the great thing about this new electric F-150 is that it will also be able to act as a 2.4 kW mobile power generator that delivers 20 amps of 110 volts of electricity so that users can power their work station or camp.

Ford has not provided in-depth details on the features of this new vehicle. Still, in July, it released a fascinating video that may give a clue to the future of the battery-electric F-150: a prototype of the F-150 was towing a truck with over a million pounds of train cars. In this way, the truck is expected to be the company’s fastest and most powerful vehicle to date.

Ford F-150 EV Price

The price is the biggest unknown of this new Ford installment since the company has hidden the secret very well, and we are more than a year away from seeing its launch. A pickup truck is an expensive vehicle, and an F-150 electric version will be no exception to the rule. However, the manufacturer has not given clear clues in this regard.

Many expect it to be worth close to $70,000, and others are sure it will be closer to $100,000. Some enthusiasts think it will be priced below the Tesla Cybertruck’s $40,000 base price. But these are just assumptions for now.


Although it doesn’t have an innovative design, since its appearance is quite similar to other vehicles of the brand, the characteristics of the battery-electric Ford F-150 are very daring. They aim to make this truck one of the most sought-after options soon after its launch.

Manufacturers focused on giving the F-150 more cargo and towing capacity, with better ride, stability, and interior materials quality. Most of the dimensions, size, and configuration of the three types of cabs are almost the same as the previous models.

However, the Ford F-150 has many interesting improvements. The first is its engine, powerful and with special functions. Although its horsepower has not been announced, the company promised that this would be its most powerful vehicle. It will also be a fuel saver and could become an electric generator. Everything indicates that it will be an amazing launch!