Honda presents a new car that combines the best of two worlds: it is urban and completely electric. This is the Honda E, which, according to the manufacturing company, is a dream come true thanks to its unique features that include dynamic performance, refined comfort, and futuristic technology.

This Honda E arrives alongside a wave of small and affordable electric cars, which manage to expand the options for all fans of this trend. Besides, it has an attractive retro design that captivated potential customers from the launch of its first images. While it’s modest in space and battery performance, its driving manners are quite a daring aspect.

Battery Life and Performance

We have bad news. The Honda E was limited to a compact 35.5 kWh battery that leaves a lot to be desired. By recharging the battery to 100%, this vehicle could reach 125 miles, with a less powerful regular version reaching 137 miles. But in the real world, drivers will be lucky enough to travel more than 100 miles. This is one of its biggest disadvantages. A driver can drain almost 80% of its battery when traveling just 100 km (just over 60 miles) in just an hour or more of driving

This kind of range may have been respectable a few years ago, but current models, at least a good portion of what we can compare to the Honda E, can go over 200 miles. The only positive thing that we can find in this section is its 100 kWh DC fast-charging capacity, which allows it to recover charge in 30 minutes.

Honda E Price

Another aspect that disappointed customers was its price. Given its flat features, people had expected a similar cost to the most basic models out there, such as the Seat Mii Electric or Volkswagen e-Up, but their market launch came for a price tag of over £27,160, which can be a bit disappointing.

There are two trim levels for this brand new electric vehicle -that is, two commercial versions – called Honda E and Honda E Advanced, which are much more expensive, reaching prices above £30,000.


The Honda E has two big problems: its battery and the price. Its charge barely reaches just over 100 miles, representing about an hour of driving at more than 50% of its capacity. However, it is a vehicle developed to drive peacefully through the city. So it can be a good option for those looking for modest and functional models.
Moreover, even those who do not want fancy vehicles with first-class features may find another annoying and worrying aspect: its price. The Honda E is extremely expensive when compared to other vehicles that offer the same. Its introductory price was very high, and its sales offerings have failed to improve this matter.

Its more advanced versions are good, especially for those looking for a good car to take walks around the city. But they are still costly for a model like this one.