Volkswagen is known as a company that innovates. They are constantly trying to push the boundaries and it brings in a vast range of creative elements into the mix. It’s a creative idea and one of the things that really go to show that the company is trying to bring in something new and rewarding. With that in mind, the Volkswagen ID3 is the first fully electric car from the company and it’s not based on an existing model. It does look great, but the truth is that it tries to bring in a performance better than the Nissan Leaf. With that in mind, here are some of the things you want to know about the Volkswagen ID3.

Battery Life and Performance

Right from the start, you no0tice the fact that the Volkswagen ID3 has a low battery position and the motor is mounted in the rear. The wheels are pushed to each corner and the car itself has a short bonnet. You will like the fact that the vehicle has a floating center screen and also an instrument pod similar to a tablet. That being said, you can share voice commands, which is great as a whole.

The vehicle itself has a pretty good performance too, it has 201 bhp and it can get the 58 kWh, which is actually a very good option. You can get anywhere from 205 to 341 miles based on the battery size which can be up to 77 kWh. It does go further than the competitor Ioniq from Hyundai, so that’s definitely something to take into consideration. The 310 nm of torque and instant response definitely put the competition in the shade, and you will find that it does deliver an incredible experience and quality every time. You just haven to use that to your advantage and it totally works the way you want it to.

Volkswagen ID3 Price

The Volkswagen ID3 is coming in at a price of $33000 on average, with prices being either higher or lower based on what you can get and the features you receive. The thing to note about this price point is that the unit comes with fuel efficiency, so that alone really makes a huge difference. Add to that the fact that you are also getting tax breaks if you go with an electric vehicle like this, so it really is well worth the investment if you do it right. That’s what really makes it an amazing option for everyone.


Is the Volkswagen ID3 a good option for you? Volkswagen definitely tried something new and there are some cool things here. Fuel efficiency is amazing, and then there’s also the fact that you have a low center of gravity. The tight turning center is a wonderful bonus that you will enjoy. Regardless of the wheel size, you are getting a very good grip too. Even the electric range is pretty good too, and the fact that there’s sharp styling and strong performance is what really pushes the experience here!