Time runs so fast. From classic trucks to modern trucks, all have seen their way through the ultimate appreciation of the truck lovers. Where it be vintage looks or unmatched sustainability of the classic trucks or the high-end power or the latest technology installed modern trucks.

Ever wondered what could be the outcome if we combine both of them?

Well here is an answer to that question!

Bollinger B1 truck is everything one could need if they aim for a long-term investment in automobiles. With all the possible researches and mind mapping, the truck obsessed engineers have created this masterpiece.

Battery Life and Performance

As per the vehicle description, Bollinger B1 is completely electric and has an all-wheel drive, and can run on all terrain. It consists of a dual-motor {one front and rear} and have a 614 horsepower engine and has a capability of reaching 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. As per the evaluations of the truck, this beast can speed up to 100 mph. Not only this it has 668 ft-lb torque. It is installed with a 142kwh battery pack. It consists of level 1 and level 2 charging (110v and 220v) and an additional level 3 charging port (220v).

It has 15” ground clearance and 10” wheel travel capability, with 5201 lb payload capacity and 7500 lb towing capacity. It is a four-seater truck. It consists of all these detachable glasses, doors, roof panel, and is fully air-conditioned.

Bollinger B1 Price

This amazing truck is everything an obsessed truck buyer can ask for. With all the features mentioned by the company, this truck is quite reasonable. The retail price of Bollinger B1 is estimated to be $125000. According to the vehicle description, this truck is installed with all the modern facilities one could imagine. The amazing body design that it the bold look of the truck which makes it more appealing adds on a plus one to the qualities of this truck. Not only in appearance but it is useful to the owner as it has this massive storage capacity of a total of 113 cubic feet of cargo.


After the entire vehicle analysis, we can say that this truck is a total masterpiece. With all the features installed and at this price range it’s a total bonsai for the buyer. And this investment is worth it, not because it’s a good looking truck with all the features but because of its unbeatable performance. The entire truck mechanics have been crosschecked hundreds of times so that the company could provide lifetime experiences to their customers. And not to mention the appearance of the truck, “It’s a total beast”.

Overall Bollinger B1 truck is the best possible combination of modern technology with high-class looks.

Hence approved!!