Now that we are living in 2020 everything is preferred revolutionized. And so are vehicles, one of the most grossing industries under the automobile is the truck industry. And not to mention again over the past years people have started to take interest in the trucks and accessories. Stating the previous production of Bollinger B1, the company launched its ultimate beast.

But who does not like upgrading? We all do and so do the company engineers who launched the Bollinger B2. A better and an upgraded version of their previous electric truck. Talking about this truck I don’t need to mention that it is the better version. Bollinger B2 truck is a complete combo of good looks and user efficiency.

Battery Life and Performance

As per the truck description, B2 is installed with a 614 horsepower battery and has 668 ft-lb torque. Similar to their previous version this truck can also reach 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and has a maximum range of 100 mph speed.

It has complete electric mechanics and needs no fuel to run. It has a 142 kWh battery pack and has a 200 mile EPA range. It has two battery levels that are level one and leave 2 of 110v and 220v. It has an all-aluminum body and has a wheel drive. It has 15” ground clearance and 10” wheel travel capability, with 5201 lb payload capacity and 7500 lb towing capacity. It is a four-seater truck. It consists of all these detachable glasses, doors, roof panel, and is fully air-conditioned.

Bollinger B2 Price

It is estimated that the retail price of Bollinger B2 truck is $125000. According to the overview of the vehicle, this truck is equipped with all the excellent equipment that one might imagine, the impressive body design that adds to the characteristics of this truck’s bold look that makes it more attractive. Not only in form but as it has this huge storage capacity of a total of 113 cubic feet of total cargo capacity, it is useful for the owner. From the breakthrough in thermal control, the big shift that powered its exterior design modifications came. They were able to decrease the total radiator size and use one slim ventilation system behind the dashboard where better ventilation will be obtained.

The dual, top-mounted radiators were no longer needed, which permitted us to considerably broaden the frunk. They relocated the propeller headlights, establishing mounting guards down to the rear lights, allowing the style to be more symmetrical.


We may say that this truck is a modern gem after the whole machine review. And these benefits are worth it not because it has all the characteristics of a good truck, but because of its unsurpassed performance. The entire mechanics of the truck were checked dozens of times so that the company could provide its customers with lifetime experiences.