Canoo’s hotly-anticipated electric pickup truck won’t be the first of its EVs to come to market. That honor belongs to its Lifestyle Vehicle, which you can pre-order now for delivery in late 2022.

The 350hp Lifestyle Vehicle, which is based on the same multi-purpose base as Canoo’s other EVs, will cover a max range of 250 miles. The company, which calls this model a “loft on wheels,” says it can accommodate everyone from urban explorers to families with up to 188 cubic ft. of interior space across its rear lounge and cockpit seating areas.

Canoo may not be a household name compared to some of the other automakers on this list, but it could be someday given its proprietary technology and unique designs. With multiple electric vehicles already unveiled and planned through 2023, Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle will be the first to arrive for the company.

This makes sense given the Lifestyle Vehicle was the first EV the company unveiled, all the way back to its startup days as EVelozcity. Canoo describes its Lifestyle Vehicle as “a loft on wheels,” and for good reason. The interior features 188 cubic feet of volume and seating for two to seven, surrounded by panoramic glass and a street view front window for the driver.

Starting at an MSRP of $34,750 before taxes or fees, the Lifestyle Vehicle will come available in four different packages to suit a multitude of needs, from the Delivery trim, to the loaded Adventure version. All promise at least 250 miles of range and are available for pre-order with a $100 deposit.