The Ocean comes with different size batteries, but Fisker hasn’t released their useable capacity. Still, the EPA estimates the single-motor model can travel 250 miles on a single charge. With dual motors, that range estimate can exceed 350 miles. The Ocean is also compatible with most EV charging stations, and Fisker has partnered with Electrify America to provide owners with an unspecified amount of complimentary charging. The Ocean’s exact charging times haven’t been released, either, but we’re told the available roof-mounted solar panels (called SolarSky) can supply up to 2000 miles of range per year under ideal conditions. However, that claim remains to be seen.

Henrik Fisker’s second iteration of an EV company donning his name seems to have gotten it right this time around with its flagship Ocean SUV. The first iteration of the Ocean was announced in 2019, amongst a bunch of other concepts Fisker was considering.

The Ocean really started to become a reality last October, when Fisker announced a deal with manufacturing juggernaut Magna International to produce the EV. Following its debut at the 2021 LA Auto Show, we were able to see the Ocean close up and learn about its three pricing tiers and unique technologies, such as a solar roof on the Ocean Extreme trim.

The FWD, 250-mile range Ocean Sport starts at just $37,499 before taxes or fees. Given the current federal tax credit in the US, those who qualify for the full amount could get an Ocean for under $30k, a huge selling point for consumers. With Magna’s help, the Ocean electric vehicles are slated to arrive in November of 2022.