Buying an electric car sounds like a very good idea. It helps protect the environment, you get access to the best solutions in the industry, and it does bring in front great features and benefits. The downside with electric cars is that they do have a limited lifespan, at least when it comes to getting a very good battery life. So you have to wonder, how many years will an electric car last?

Understanding the lifetime of an electric car

One of the core advantages of an electric car is that it has the potential to run for a very long time. Tesla’s battery is known to have a low amount of degradation after 72000 miles and years of service. That being said, the mileage may vary for every electric car, because no two models are the same. So you do have to keep in mind the battery power barely ends up getting any damage or issues. That means you can end up with a bit of a hassle here and there, and that’s why you must understand it will take a little bit of time to make the process work the way you expect.

Are there things that damage your battery lifetime?

Absolutely, there are lots of things that can shorten the lifespan of your electric car. If the battery runs hot, then that can be a very problematic thing for it. On top of that, some capacitors can get damaged based on the way you drive or their age, among other factors. You do need to realize that different things can end up affecting the vehicle, and you just have to understand how it all works and what leads to those problems.

What happens when batteries get damaged in the long run?

Ideally you will need to replace the battery. While some repairs can be done, if there are severe signs of damage, you are better off recycling and replacing the battery. It just helps a whole lot more, and in the end everyone will be happy. That’s what makes things more and more impressive in the long run.

Checking the manufacturer support

A good way to see how do electric cars last is to figure out how much support you get from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers end up covering the battery packs for 8-10 years or 100000 miles, whichever comes first. However, the battery life can be up to 15 or 20 years. It all depends on how you take care of the vehicle. But in the long run, you can expect some impressive results from electric cars.

A lot of people believe that the electric cars don’t have a long-lasting battery. That’s not true, in the long run an electric car battery can last for more than a decade, maybe even 1.5 times that. But you must take good care of it, and there are a lot of important aspects that you need to keep in mind here. It’s still amazing for all of it to happen so fast, and the payoff is certainly incredible.