In order for electric cars to work properly, they need the right batteries. While some companies try to create their batteries in-house, there are some businesses focused solely on electric car batteries. The ones listed below are known for their efficiency, quality and great focus on value. That’s why these battery companies are growing quite a bit, and it even makes sense to invest in their stocks, which is always nice.

8 Top Electric Car Battery Manufacturers

1.) Albemarle Corporation

Albemarle is a lead company when it comes to battery production. They are mostly into specialty chemicals, but at the same time the company creates lithium based batteries too. The demand for such batteries is through the roof, so Albemarle has managed to grow quite a bit in the past few years. They do have over 5400 employees and they cover 100 countries.

2.) Enphase Energy Inc

What makes Enphase Energy unique is the fact that they have an A rating when it comes to the portfolio grader. On top of that, they don’t mine lithium. They do provide micro inverters that can be used for the solar power installations. They also create Encharge solar battery systems too. In the past few years they managed to push the boundaries and that really helped them achieve great success. This is a renowned, powerful company and it does stand out with its great offers and unique features.

3.) EnerSys

EnerSys is based in Pennsylvania, and it’s known for creating great batteries as well. They own brands like EnergyCell, Purcell, NexSys, PowerSafe and many others. EnerSys even offers batteries to the military and industrial businesses. Some of their lithium ion batteries are actually used to power satellites.

4.) FMC Corp

FMC is a common chemical manufacturer, they started with pesticides, and now they are creating all kinds of items. Their batteries are durable, reliable and also quite affordable, hence the reason why they are in this list.

5.) Lithium Americas Corp

Lithium Americas is from Canada and the company itself creates lithium brine projects. They also have a great deposit that delivers all the materials needed to create outstanding batteries.

6.) Livent Corp

Livent innovates with Lithium products. Aside from batteries, they also create medical gear, electronics and household applications. Their batteries are fast, powerful and very impressive to begin with, and they are focused on efficiency and value.

7.) Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile

Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile states they are the largest lithium producers in the world. The company does a very good job at innovating and coming up with extraordinary batteries.

8.) Vale SA

Vale is known for producing a lot of nickel. On top of that, they do a very good job at constantly coming up with new products and designs. Their stocks are raising up in price, so this can be a great company to invest in.


There’s no denying that a lot of businesses which create electric cars need batteries, and companies like the ones above are always here to deliver. It’s just a great opportunity, and the results you get are nothing short of extraordinary. It just goes to show that the industry is always expanding, and it brings in astounding results and great success for innovators!