One of the main reasons why we are choosing electric cars is because they are designed from the ground up to deliver less emissions. And that’s a good thing, mainly because we need to protect the environment and any little approach has the potential to help. With that being said, are we saving the planet more or less based on the number of emissions? Let’s find out.

Are emissions easier to handle?

If we study 53 out of 59 regions that cover 95% of the world, it’s important to note that the electric vehicles are generating more carbon dioxide when compared to fossil fuel powered cars. The savings can be around 30% in the UK and in some places in the world it goes even more. Not only that, but when it comes to annual emissions per vehicle, the pounds of CO2 equivalent for all electric cars is around 4091. Plug in Hybrids are at 5880, hybrids at 6258 and gasoline is ta 11435.

It’s clear that yes, you can get a pretty impressive set of results if you go with hybrids, but obviously all electric vehicles are bringing in the much better value. If anything, you have way less emissions, sometimes less than half. That really goes to show the incredible benefits and quality, and in the end it’s just well worth it to protect the environment.

Gasoline generates emissions when it extracts petroleum, products it, distributes it and then uses it. That can be incredibly important, so you really need to understand and adapt everything accordingly in order to protect the environment.

What type of emissions are there?

You will first have the direct emissions, but also lifecycle emissions. The direct ones are the ones that are emitted via the tailpipe as the fuel system is evaporating, and then there’s the fueling process. They include pollutants that lead to the formation of smog, and there are carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses. If you go for a full electric vehicle, you don’t have any emissions at all. That helps boost the air quality especially in urban areas.

Plug in vehicles have a gasoline engine and an electric motor, they deliver emissions from the fuel system when they operate gasoline. Then there are lifecycle emissions that relate to vehicle production, fuel and processing. These are also known to have all kinds of GHGs and pollutants too.

Should you go for an all electric car?

Absolutely, even if the all electric cars still have lifecycle emissions, those are a lot smaller when compared to gas powered cars. So if you are really focused on protecting the environment and keeping it safe, then going full electric is the right way to go. There will always be challenges when it comes to dealing with emissions. But the right approach and system can indeed make a huge difference in the long term. That’s why it’s crucial to go for the full electric cars, and you will certainly appreciate the results in the long run!