The large economies of the world are shifting their vehicle technology towards electrification. For the last few decades, the vehicle industry is working on shifting towards electrification.

Electric vehicles are performing well on roads and provide better and multiple powering features with ease. Modern electric vehicles are equipped with many advanced technological features, which make them unique from traditional cars.

Electric cars offer more speed and more mileage covers, saving a lot of money on fuel on other cars.

What is the trend of manufacturers towards electric vehicles?

It is not wrong to say that 2021 is the year of electric vehicles because the significant vehicle manufacturers add more electric vehicles in their target lineup.

Many new and old manufacturers such as Tesla, Rivian, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, BMW, and even Apple are also planning to shift towards electric vehicles.

There is heavy demand for electric vehicles in the market even in the current pandemic year when all industries face a slowing down of industry and hard to meet their targets, but most of the electric vehicles offering automaker have achieved their targets.

Why do People shift towards Electric Vehicles?

  • There are many reasons for the increasing demands for electric vehicles among the people.
  • Electric vehicles are easy to maintain.
  • EVs are Available at a reasonable rate.
  • Electric vehicles come with strong electric motors.
  • Batteries of the cars can cover long mileages even some vehicles can cover more than 800 kilometers with a complete battery charge.
  • Electric vehicles come in modern and new designs like air space vehicles.
  • The exceptional features, such as auto-driving and semi-auto control, make them safe to drive.
  • Electric vehicles come with high-speed motor ranges, which are robust and provide enough power to vehicles that make them able to get the highest speed ranges in just three to four seconds.

What vehicles are shifting on electrification?

When we talk about electric vehicles, people may understand we are talking about electric cars, but it is not a perfect guess. There are no just cars; many other vehicles such as trucks, minibusses, bikes, and trailers are manufacturing electric technology.

There are many best-performing trucks available on roads that work exceptionally with heavy loads and have multiple charging features.

Why 2021 is a year of electric vehicles?

As we already discussed, with the increasing demand for electric vehicles, almost all manufacturers are working to shift towards the electric vehicle, including the many old names and new names in the electric market.
In the year 2021, many famous automakers will launch their new models, which are almost 70 percent of the overall automaker market. The hottest brands that will launch in 2021 are Ford mustang March-E, Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV, Mercedes EQA, Nissan Ariya, and Tesla cybertruck, Volvo XC40 Recharge, BMW Ix, and VW ID.4.


With a technology change and modern features, electric vehicles’ demand for electric vehicles is increasing. To meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles in the market, many old and new automakers are working and shifting towards electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are a high performer with a reasonable rate but saving fuel and multiple charging features make them exceptional. In the year 2021, there is 70 percent of the vehicles launching with electric features.