There is no doubt in the coming years, electric cars will replace gasoline cars. But some people say it is not right, so different researches made and conducted a survey with electric vehicle users to know if they will return to gasoline cars or not.

Below are the results of two studies conducted by Zap-Map and a private electric vehicle YouTube channel surveys.

What was the results of the Zap-Map Survey?

According to zap-map electric vehicles survey, users are satisfied with electric cars and never return to gasoline cars. The survey was conducted in a poll from the drivers of electric vehicles in the UK. More than 2000 electric car drivers respond to that survey; according to most of their responses, drivers won’t go back to gasoline or combustion engine cars.

The survey findings were positive for the electric vehicles; in the finding, 91 percent of the users simply said that they will never go back to gasoline-powered cars. In comparison, 9 percent of the electric vehicle users said they are not sure about going back to gasoline cars or not, but only one percent of the drivers of electric vehicles respond yes to go back to gasoline.

One percent is the very little amount on that zap map finding said that it looks impossible for the electric vehicle users to go back to gasoline or fossil fuel combustion engine cars.

What were the results of the YouTube Channel Survey?

Another private YouTube Channel survey about electric cars that its users will return to gasoline cars or not. The survey findings show that 9 out of ten drivers say “no” while then the channel creates a poll for further answers and conduct survey, finding of that survey are as below.

In the survey, about 88 percent of people said they will not return to gasoline cars, while 7 percent of the drivers respond that they are not sure about returning to gasoline cars or not, while only 5 percent of people respond that they can return to gasoline or diesel engines.

But out of 100 percent responded people, only 24 percent were the people who have an electric vehicle, while 54 percent of the people owned petrol-powered vehicle and eleven percent of the respondent have hybrid cars while remaining people do not know the owner of the car but are planning to buy an electric car.

People who are using petrol-powered or hybrid cars answer that they will switch to electric cars; the survey was conducted from 7700 drivers and published in a TV show hosted by Robert Llewellyn.


You have gone through the survey; the findings prove that people with electric cars are satisfied with electric vehicles and do not have any plan to move back to gasoline cars. Based on these surveys, experts recommend that in coming years, that big market share will be in the hands of electric vehicle makers, and almost about 70 to 80 percent of car owners will have electric vehicles.